Kymera Magic Wand Universal Remote Will End Dates, Quickly

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You finally get the girl of your dreams back to your pad for that pivotal homemade dinner and a DVD date. Score! Dinner goes great. Then, you whip out this wand to start things up. Virginum foreverum!* And... she's gone.


* You're right! That's not really Latin!

I suppose you'd have been better off whipping out that other wand first, no? Well, anyway, at least you'll have this cool accelerometer-controlled universal remote to play around with for the rest of the evening. There are no buttons, so to change the channel or the volume you'll have to wave it around in the air using some easy-to-remember gestures.


Clockwise or counter-clockwise motion adjusts the volume up or down; simple up-and-down movements switch between channels. How one programs such a thing is anyone's guess. Magic, perhaps?

Overall, pretty simple, although at $84 (pre-order for Oct. 1) you better really like looking like a jackass while surfing the boob tube.

Then again, I put on my robe and wizard hat... [Kymera via Ubergizmo]

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I think it's kinda cool. I can see casual movements being more natural than pushing buttons. Think of writing numbers in the air or other programmed motions for specific functions other than Vol -/+ or changing channels. But I bet it would be nearly universally agreed that pretend wizards wand is probably not the game-changing form factor.