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LaCie 1TB Desktop Hard Drive: I...Can't...Look...Away

Illustration for article titled LaCie 1TB Desktop Hard Drive: I...Cant...Look...Away

So a 1TB external drive is nothing new, but it is hard to deny that this thing is pretty...real pretty. LaCie has been getting heavy into the aluminum casings recently, which may play a factor in cooling, but those devices definitely did not bring this kind of cool stealth technology vibe that is so intoxicating. Users can also expect 7200rpm spindle speeds and USB 2.0. At the moment, there is no price or release date information available. [LaCie via]


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How much is this? If it's over $300, it's a ripoff. I have an FD 1TB external HDD that looks exactly like this, save for the fact that mine is unpainted aluminum, and has an FD logo on the side. Oh, and mine has FireWire 400, 800 (x2), and USB 2.0. Since mine was $300 when I got it back in September, and this has fewer features, it better be around $250 at most.