LaCie Updates LaCinema Mini HD, Network Server and USB Keys

A buncha new stuff from LaCie today, with the updated LaCinema Mini HD, Network Server and dinky-looking USB sticks.


That Mini HD supports 1080p video over 802.11n Wi-Fi, and has an HDMI output alongside an internal hard drive and USB port for whacking in one of those key-shaped sticks with some "special" movies, TV shows and photos. You know the sort. It supports DivX, AVC and MKV codecs. It's compatible with PCs, Macs or NAS.

The Network Server is primarily for small businesses, running on Windows Home Server with five drives and gigabit Ethernet. Backup is done via LaCie's brilliantly-named Wuala cloud-based service.

Those key-shaped USB sticks? Not much has changed since the last batch, but the CooKey and WhizKey models are made from metal with the gold SIP connectors being water and scratch-resistant. Available in anywhere up to 32GB of storage, owners will get an extra 4GB through the Wuala cloud-based storage. [LaCie]


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