L'Anchrone: Amazing Clock Has Balls

This is one amazing clock. Called L'Anchrone, its pendulum is activated by the weight of falling ball bearings. The guy took well over 18 months to design and build this intricate masterpiece, going through multiple design convolutions and even consulting an old physics book from 1894 to figure out exactly how it should be done.

With all of the clinking and clanking noises this thing makes, it's certainly not the kind of clock you'd want in your bedroom, but it's just the kind of fascinating Rube Goldberg machine that becomes even more rare and exceptional as technology marches on. It's all mechanical, consisting of 1,600 parts weighing a total of 660 pounds. It's a beautiful work of art in motion.


L'Anchrone [Betrisey.ch, via Hacked Gadgets]


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