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Landing Airplane Collapses, Smashing Engine Blade into Cabin

This is what happens when big toys go wrong: watch as this SAS Haviland Q400's right landing gear collapses, putting the engine on fire and smashing one of its turboprop engines' blades into the cabin. Fortunately, like the stunning explosion in Okinawa, all passengers and crew survived. Next time the Scandinavians should kill a couple goats to appease the pneumatic gods, even while they probably carry pneumatic goddesses in every plane. [LiveLeak]


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If you follow the link, you'll note that there is a few discrepancies in the description on Giz.

Firstly, the landing was an emergency landing. Firetrucks don't make a habit of being on station - it was there because clearly the pilots reported a problem with the landing gear. Often a landing like that is fault free, but whenever landing gear isn't reported to have gone down properly, the pilots will report it and often do a flyby to allow visual inspection before landing, and certainly have fire engines on standby.

More information can be found here: []

Secondly, the aircraft in question is a De Haviland Q400 (formerly known as Dash-8) - you missed out the "De"!