Think about laptop designs you've seen over the past decade or so. Which one do you think had the best design, and which was the absolute worst? Laptop magazine went through them all, coming up with the best and worst of the modern era.



1. We heartily agree with Laptop's assessment of the absolute worst notebook design, the Apple iBook from 1999 (pictured above) that most of us thought looked exactly like a toilet seat in a cheap motel. Sure, it was available in all kinds of gorgeous colors, but besides being underpowered, its design was widely considered to be a joke.

2. Dell Inspiron 5150 (2003)


3. IBM ThinkPad TransNote (2001)

4. Sharp Actius RD3D (2003)


5. Velocity Micro NoteMagix L80 (2006)



1. In the best laptop design category, heading up the list was the Acer TravelMate C100 from 2002 (pictured above), which the reviewers lauded as the world's first convertible tablet PC. They liked its versatility, with its rotating hinge that enables it to function as either a traditional 10.4-inch laptop with a keyboard, or to swivel around for touchscreen tablet use.

2. (Pictured above) Apple PowerBook 500 series (1994)


3. (Pictured above) HP Pavilion dv2000 (2006)

4. IBM 701C TrackWrite (1995)


5. Sony VAIO R505 SuperSlim Pro (1998)

Take a look at the outstanding roundup article to see why the Laptop magazine reviewers chose as they did. [Laptop]