Larry Page to Jack Dorsey: Lemme Whisper In Ya Ear

 Image: AP / Getty / Gizmodo
Image: AP / Getty / Gizmodo

“Hey lil’ mama, can I buy Twitter for a few million?” is a thing that Google co-founder Larry Page might have said to Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey. But Page reportedly whispered an offer to acquire Twitter into Dorsey’s ear in a closed-blinds meeting a few years ago.


The fun tidbit is mentioned in a recent Vanity Fair article that contemplates whether Twitter will ever get acquired. Apparently, Page was looking to buy Twitter so that Google could integrate tweets into its search results. In order to sell the deal, Page invited Dorsey to a meeting at Google’s headquarters, where he apparently whispered his acquisition pitch into Dorsey’s ear. How... intimate!

From the Vanity Fair article, emphasis mine:

In 2011, when Google was working on Google Plus, Larry Page, its C.E.O. at the time, invited Twitter co-founder and current C.E.O. Jack Dorsey to the colorful Google campus to discuss a deal. Dorsey showed up and was escorted into a large conference room where, after a few minutes, Page emerged only to draw the blinds, sit eerily close to Dorsey, and whispered his acquisition pitch into his ear. Page told Dorsey that he wanted to integrate tweets into search results. (Yes, you heard that correctly, he wanted to buy Twitter to make search better.) Needless to say, the conversation didn’t go beyond that conference room.

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Sepoy Rebel

You do know that Larry Page has a medical condition affecting his throat that affects his speech. Its difficult for him to speak loudly, which is likely why he was whispering to Dorsey. It’s not like he’s some weirdo (or maybe he is, who knows) making a bizarrely intimate pitch.