Laser Cutting Table For Amateurs Slices What You Sketch

In the not-too-distant future home manufacturing will be as commonplace as home printing. Devices like the Makerbot will fuel the revolution, but only when they become as easy to use as this Constructable that precisely cuts materials based on doodles made with a laser pointer.


Users don't have to master computer-aided design software in order to create a pattern for the table's high-powered laser to slice. They just have to use a set of 15 different laser pointers to draw directly on the material they're cutting. Each pointer serves a different purpose, from creating gears, to joints, to freehand shapes, and it appears to compensate for those who are terrible artists by straightening lines or 'beautifying' curves. Because no one's going to want to use products they made themselves if they look that way.

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[Hasso-Plattner-Institut via Notcot]


Curtis Hart

Interesting. But I'm not crazy about having to eyeball your drawings, especially if you want something very precise. Love it if you can do a vector drawing and load it into the computer and have it cut it.