Laser DSLR Reticle To Make Your Pets Extremely Uncomfortable

I'm not sure the specific advantage that a configurable, tactical laser reticle can offer your photography other than turning a photo shoot into a photo shoot.

But maybe that's your thing.


Slipping into any camera's hot shoe mount, this 'Wildlife Photography with Tactical Four Reticle Sight' allows you to frame your subjects the semi-lethal way, with either red or green lasers marking a point, circle point, circle cross or cross, just like your favorite Tom Clancy novel. And don't worry, since the laser [Ed note: it's probably an LED, but the word "laser" was dropped by Brando] is integrated solely into the optics, those pesky red dots won't appear anywhere in your picture.

Available now for $40—it's perfect for headshots. [Brando]

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