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Latest DIY Destroyer Proves That the Slingshot Master Is Officially a Wizard

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

As you stretch a rubber band, it heats up. But as it cools down it actually loses some of the energy it stored when it was stretched. That means the longer a slingshot is left loaded, the less powerful it becomes. Unless you're Joerg Sprave, the internet's resident master of slingshot design, who discovered that simply reheating a stretched elastic band can restore up to 40 percent of its original powuh.

His newest rubber band weapon, the Entropy Slayer 2000, packs a built-in heater that brings the sling's deadly elastic up to about 70 degrees fahrenheit warmer than the ambient temperature. It basically features a miniature oven powered by a 3300 mAh battery to heat the elastic.


The slingshot can stay cocked for as long as you need, but minutes before you need to fire it a simple flick of a switch brings the heater to life, re-energizing the elastic. I like seeing a little science being brought into the mix when it comes to slingshot design—and I particularly like that there's a giant ocean separating me from Joerg's crazy creations. [YouTube via SlashGear]