Latest iPhone Firmware Saves Pictures from Safari

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At last! The latest beta version of Apple's iPhone 1.2.0 firmware gives you the possibility of saving pictures straight from Safari and into the Photo Album. We tried and it works: just hold your finger against an image for a longer time than usual and the popup dialog will appear. The applications are many, like saving friends' Facebook images, save loads of NSFW pics in Flickr, set iPhone backgrounds using those (or snatch our exclusive iPhone backgrounds), and perhaps the most obvious one: online porn collecting for offline porn watching. [Thanks anonymous tipsters]



In the mean time, Safari-on-iPhone has the biggest share of mobile browsing by far, presumably because mobile browsing just sucks so hard on anything but.

Why brag about a feature you have that you don't even use because you don't even want to use the browser that has the feature?

This is good news for iPhone/Safari users, who use a browser, despite (you have to admit) all its shortcomings, is the best fucking web browser for mobiles, period.

So before criticizing the lameness of iPhone/Safari for not having some basic functionality, why don't you talk about the lameness of other mobile browsers for not having the most important functionality — the ability to browse the web with comfort, ease, and finesse?