Recently, I did a weirdo thing that might seem dumb to the tech-savvy readers of Gizmodo. I dug up the hard drive that held the entirety of my iTunes music collection until age 23, deleted everything but the Music app off my retired (and very cracked) iPhone 4S, and essentially turned it into an iPod.

My actual iPod (Nano, 4G, orange) broke a couple years ago, late enough into the streaming revolution that it didn't make sense to get a new one. I was too cheap to get a iPhone with more storage or a better data plan, so I just stopped listening to music on the go. I essentially replaced music with podcasts in my life. I got old(er). I stopped downloading music. My hard drive of music got lost in the dusty back corners of my desk.


That's all to say that when I finally plugged that hard drive back into my computer this weekend, it was like opening a digital time capsule. I waited hours for iTunes to update my music library. (Has iTunes gotten worse? It's gotten so much worse.) And then, finally, I was faced with all the playlists I made during college.

As terrible as college-era me was in other ways, my taste in music was not terrible. (It is also possible I have only gotten progressively less cool since then, so my music judgments are just entirely invalid. But anyways.) So now I am listening to an entire iPhone iPod full of my old music, and I'm reminded of how awesome LCD Soundsystem's "Dance Yrself Clean" is. I used to blast this so loud as I walked down the street, shutting out everything but music.

Welcome to Soundtrack, what Gizmodo's staff is listening to every night.