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New leaked documents suggest all the Droid Eris grumblings we've heard were true: it should launch November 6, and will supposedly run $99 after rebate. That's pretty cheap considering it matches the specs of the $180 Hero.


What we've heard about the Eris being a slightly reshaped Hero is pretty much right. The spec sheet claims it's packing a 528MHz Qualcomm, 320x480 screen, and Android 1.5, exactly what you'll get in the Hero. There's also mention bundled 8GB MicroSD card. Guess I shouldn't have expected a 16GB card in a sub-$100 phone, but a guy can dream.

Even though it's underspec'd compared to the Droid, I'm actually excited about this phone. I love Sense UI, and I don't feel like I need a full hardware keyboard. Plus, assuming the Droid Eris mimics the Hero's software as well as it does hardware, it should have multitouch, which the Droid doesn't do. The Eris might not be new and exciting like the Droid, but I think it still deserves some love.

Dan and I were talking about how one of Sprint's flagship phones, what was the premiere Android phone before the Droid came along, will be Verizon's el cheapo Android handset come Friday. The Hero more than warrants the $180 Sprint charges, but Verizon sees it as a last-gen device only worthy of last-gen pricing. That, to us, shows the carrier is really planning to push Android hardware to the next level. [Engadget]

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