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Leaked Document Shows Verizon's Psyops Anti-iPhone Propaganda

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Oh, deary deary me... Verizon's tactics to combat the JesusPhone 3G now include briefing its employees about the iPhone's failings, so they can answer customer questions about why it doesn't carry the device. There are four big "myths" about the cellphone apparently, ranging from "twice as fast" to "iPhone data plan covers all data," there's even a dig about the lack of audible turn-by-turn GPS navigation. Hasn't Verizon worked out that that's just an app, and is a facility that may yet be added in the future?My fave "mythbusting" point has to be that the iPhone 3G "will be twice as fast only where AT&T has 3G coverage!" No shit... like, you can only run trains on train tracks? OK, so it's really a dig at AT&T's 3G coverage, but you get my point. This has apparently been distributed within Verizon, and though there's the possibility that it's not quite legit, it certainly seems the real deal to me. What do you think, chaps? [Thanks, Harris!]