Leaked Facebook Photo Sharing iOS App Combines Every Possible Competitor

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Facebook wants to out-Twitter Twitter. Facebook wants to out-Foursquare Foursquare. And now, it wants to kill off those super-simple, super-cool photo sharing tools we love, with its own secret mega app, and TechCrunch got their hands on leaked screens.

The iOS app, which has yet to receive an official name, is conceptually pretty simple: you take a picture (or a few at a time), then tag who you're with and where you are. From here, the photos would presumably be beamed to Facebook proper, where it could be liked to hell from browsers and other app users. TechCrunch describes it as a "combination of Instagram, Color, Path, and even Path's new side project, With." We really hope the Color part of that summary is off, because Color was stupid and ridiculous in every conceivable way, but the rest of the comparison is highly flattering—Instagram is phenomenal, and Path was conceptually pretty neat, despite failing to gain any traction.


Although it looks to be developed for iOS devices at the moment, TechCrunch notes that it seems HTML5-heavy, which would make porting it over to other handsets a cinch. But we'll have to wait and see. As great as the photo apps we have now are, I certainly wouldn't mind some consolidation. But will it have ironic faux-nostalgia filters? For the rest of the massive screenshot dump, head over to TechCrunch. [TechCrunch]