Last year saw the release of the Olympus OM-D EM-1, a body built for pros with a huge grip and tons of bells and whistles. It looks like Olympus is starting out 2014 with another OM-D body, this time built for a slightly less advanced tier of buyers. These leaked images show the goods.


What we see is a slightly smaller version of the OM-D EM5, which will be available in black or silver. There's not a whole lot of differentiation, at least from the front view, which is all we have at the moment. According to leaked specs, the new camera will have a built in flash—a first for the OM-D line. You can see a seam beneath the logo that could indicate said flash. Here is a comparison with the EM-5:

OM-D EM-5:


Rumored OM-D EM-10:

These pictures aren't to scale, so don't judge their comparative sizes.

The EM-10 is rumored to have the same 16 MP sensor and processor as the EM-1. It will feature 3-axis stabilization where the EM-1 has 5-axis. It will also be paired with the compact zoom lens which we posted about yesterday.


Expect the OM-D EM-10 to be announced sometime in the next month or so! [43rumors via Digicameinfo]