Microsoft has been steadily improving Windows 8, but naturally there's still a new version in the works. And according to some leaked screenshots of a dev build obtained by Myce, it'll include both the Start Menu we know is on the way, but also windowed Metro/Modern-style apps.

The duo of screenshots obtained by Myce are from a Windows build called "Threshold," a project wildly held to be Windows 9 in everything but name. And though we've known that a Start Menu is in the works for a Windows 8 update somewhere down the line, fully windowed apps have never been on the table. That said, apps in the Windows 8.1 Update are almost there, complete with menu bars as well as close and minimize buttons; the only think missing is an option to resize.


If it ultimately allows resizable apps that can run on the desktop and a start menu, Windows 9 would be a pretty sharp turn away from the future that Windows 8 promised; more like Windows 7 with an app store and a touch-friendly UI option. But the most important feature Windows 9 would have is a brand new name and a fresh start. [Myce via The Verge]

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