Leatherman Made a Multi-Tool For Younger Outdoor Enthusiasts

There's no wrong age to start teaching kids a little responsibility, but Leatherman's new Leap, a multi-tool specifically designer for users with smaller hands, is probably best suited to youngsters who've already mastered a knife and fork, and certainly know not to run with scissors.

Available sometime this summer for $54, Leatherman is leaving it up to parents to decide when they think their kids are ready for such a tool. But with a smaller and lighter form factor, the Leap is safer and easier for young'ns to use than Leatherman's standard offerings.


But to make things even safer, the Leap's knife blade attachment comes separated from the rest of the multi-tool, and can only be installed when parents believe a child is old enough, or responsible enough, to safely use it. That being said, this obviously isn't baby's first multi-tool, so it's probably best to take it off the wish list for your baby shower. [Leatherman via GearJunkie]

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