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LED Bracelet Flashlight Frees Up Both Hands For Work

Illustration for article titled LED Bracelet Flashlight Frees Up Both Hands For Work

Most of you probably know how annoying it is to work on something like an engine or a computer with a flashlight in one hand and a tool in the other. This bracelet helps free up both hands using four built-in LEDs—and it comes in packs of two so you can wear one on each wrist while you work. It's a great idea, but I suppose your friends and fellow mechanics will be unable to risk a joke or two at your expense. Something like: "did you forget your purse today?" and "where's the rave party boy?" Available for $20. [Computer Gear via BookofJoe via Coolest Gadgets]


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It's a trap. You put this on, and when you reach a certain age, it starts flashing, and you get taken away.