LED Knitting Supplies

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Everything else in the world has LEDs in it, why not knitting needles and crochet hooks? MAKE mag is highlighting some LED illuminated knitting supplies. I still don't understand the appeal of knitting. Do people actually wear the crap that they knit/crochet or is it simply a hobby to give their hands more carpal tunnel. Regardless, no more worries about having that pesky light on when trying to knit. These LED knitting needles and crochet hooks can illuminate the work area so you can accurately make those scarfs that nobody will wear or care about. Prices hover around the $40 range for a set.


Product Pages here, here and here
LED knitting needles and crochet hooks [MAKE]


I just found out about these and had an epiphany! I have to have them NOW! I went on SEVERAL sites and YEEPS they are expensive. What do I do when that happens......YEP I go EBAY! I got the whole 8 sizes set (16 needles in all) for less than HALF of the ones in the online stores. The online stores typically sell the set of 8 for $112.95 to $124.95 plus shipping costs. I got mine for $50.00 plus $8 shipping! I LOVE em! I am a non-recovering yarnaholic and find myself knitting when my family is in bed. I now can knit away without bugging anyone (even my Hubby)! I have been knitting & crocheting for over 20 years and these are WAY cool. I now want to find the crochet hooks cheap too (the ones I see are 5 for $174.95!!!). I will wait patiently and get them for far less.