Lenovo, the guys who ate IBM, just had their 12-inch subnotebook groped by PC World. The V100 is hideous, it really is — I'd call it the Super Chunk of light computing. Everyone laughs at it. But everyone stopped laughing after the benchmarks. Why? This, and why you might consider buying this machine, after the jump.

This ultraportable model comes in at a lower cost than the flagship ThinkPad X60s—and it doesn't match its pricier sibling's excellence of design. Most notably, the keyboard took a little getting used to, and we hated the ultrastiff mouse buttons, to the point that we found it necessary to switch to an external mouse...

[But] its performance rocked the house, earning the V100 a high-flying WorldBench 5 score of 93, the third-best result that we've seen for an ultraportable.


Everyone stopped laughing, that is, except the faster, prettier-in-black x60 Thinkpad. And the cheerleaders. So mean.

Lenovo 3000 V100 Subnotebook and it's hotter Sister, the Thinkpad x60 [ PC World ]

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