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Let's Hope Valve's Vive VR Is as Great as Its Setup Instructions

Unlike most of my colleagues, I haven’t had the chance to try HTC and Valve’s Vive Pre virtual reality headset. I hear it’s good, but it could be another overhyped disappointment like The Phantom Menace.


But if these adorable little GIFs are a VR trailer of sorts, I’m hoping for a blockbuster.


Look at them. JUST LOOK AT THEM! They’re wonderful and depict us all in the very near future, dancing around with VR units strapped to our faces. Yes, apartments are cramped as fuck, and yes, I would do VR cartwheels if I had a Vive. The developer setup manual is a great read, too.

It also gives me an subconscious desire to play Portal. Win-win.

[Prosthetic Knowledge via Jonathan Yomayuza]

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