LG and Microsoft Launch Stand-Alone DVR

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Hey TiVo, here's some juicy competition for you. LG's LRM-519 Digital Media Recorder is a Microsoft-powered DVR that has a 160GB hard drive, USB ports, 90-minute buffer, DVD burning capability (cool), and can play back audio and images from your PC. And like the Network ReplayTV of old, you can send video, audio, and pictures in either direction. The Microsoft Program Guide service is available through three subscription options: a one-month subscription for $9.99, a one-year subscription for $99.99 or a one-time subscription for $249. Plus, Microsoft is now offering $100 off the lifetime rate to get you interested. The product is going for $599.95.

Microsoft s Stand-Alone DVR Drops [Zatznotfunny]

Product Page [LG Electronics]


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