LG and Philips LCD Hone Cellphone Screens to 1.3mm

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Instead of boring you to tears with pics and specs of every goddamn cellphone that's ever been released, let's just take a look at this one reed-thin screen that will tell you a lot about what's going to be happening with those ubiquitous communicators in the next few months. LG and Philips have somehow created an LCD screen that's between 32% and 55% slimmer than its nearest competitor, springing the caliper at a mere 1.3mm. Jeez, look at that—it's about the thickness of a credit card or a piece of cardboard.

So what's going to be happening with cellphones in the next few months? They'll be even more slender than they are today if this new screen has anything to do with it. Your cellphone will be so razor-thin, you'll be able to slash your wrists with the thing if you hear that annoying ringtone one more time.


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