LG Arena Max With 12-Megapixel Camera to Launch Soon?

Illustration for article titled LG Arena Max With 12-Megapixel Camera to Launch Soon?

One way to ensure your handset gets seen, LG, is to whack a 12-megapixel camera on it—even if it's probably running on your dated S-Class interface and not Android, like your GW620.

The Arena Max has just passed through the Wi-Fi certification tract, and while LG still hasn't officially introduced the world to its latest flagship Arena model, it's likely to happen soon. In addition to the rumored 12-megapixel camera, the Arena Max LU9400, to give it its full name, also apparently contains a 5-inch screen and super-fast download speeds.


And if LG defaults on any of the above, then this handset just isn't worthy of the "Max" accolade. LG Arena Mediocre, maybe. [CellPassion via TechRadar via Top10]

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What's with the Compiz-like placeholder image? If it doesn't do that cube window switching smoothly, it might as well not do it at all.