LG AX355 Launches for Alltel

Cingular, Verizone, Sprint. Pshh, they have nothing on Alltel. We usually lack the Alltel news, but I am happy to announce the launch of the LG AX355 clamshell for Alltel service. Being the resident Midwest farmboy, Alltel was all he had for quite some time, so they have secured a small spot in my heart and deserve a little Gizmodo love.

The LG AX355 is a CDMA/AMPS phone with internal color screen and an exterior gray screen. It includes a 1.3 megapixel camera with flash, Bluetooth, Touch2Talk and even supports CDMA 1xRTT Data service. Not too bad of a phone, and not too bad of a price. $70 with a two-year contract. I have since moved on from Alltel, but every once in a while with the help of news like this it helps me recall the great memories once had.


Product Page [Via Phone Arena]

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