LG Hopes To Sell Ambitious 3.8m 3D TVs in Next 2 Years, But Who's Buying?

LG's just stolen ahead in the 3D TV wars, claiming it will sell 400,000 3D TVs during 2010, and in the following year a mahoosive 3.4 million units.

Putting its money where its mouth is, LG's also joined forces with the Korean SkyLife, one of the largest 3D TV broadcasters in the world. Aiming to create industry standards, and do for 3D TV what Sony did for Blu-ray, they'll work together to ensure those ambitious sales targets are met.

Ultra-slim bezels are part of LG's hook, which supposedly help the 3D image pop with more effect. No doubt we'll be seeing more products launch next month at CES, such as these 42-72-inch models and 150-inch projectors which LG's been spouting off about, as so far it's only launched the 47-inch 47LH50 and 23-inch LCD monitor in Korea. [AVING]


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