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Among the saving graces of hyper-expensive factory-installed GPS systems are niceties such as steering wheel-mounted controls. LG adds that convenience with its LAN-SD460, a combination GPS navigation system and portable media player which also has DMB to receive those digital broadcasts in Japan. All of that video content shows up on its larger-than-average 4.1 inch screen. That steering wheel control lets you adjust the volume, channel, and zoom, keeping your hands where they belong. Just don't be watching that digital TV while you're driving.

Although this particular device may not show up in the States, we're hoping the idea of including a steering wheel-mounted control device with these portable GPS and PMP units will become a commonplace feature. We're big fans of most GPS devices, but have noticed that sometimes they can be distracting to the point of being dangerous. Well, especially when you're using four of them at the same time.


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