LG Just Launched This Case for Its G5—a Phone That Doesn't Yet Exist

Illustration for article titled LG Just Launched This Case for Its G5—a Phone That Doesnt Yet Exist

LG hasn’t launched its new flagship G5 smartphone yet. It won’t for at least another week. But in a rather daring piece of marketing, it has just launched a case that you’ll put it in.


We already know quite a lot about how LG’s new G5 might turn out when it’s announced at MWC on February 21st. But the only thing we know for sure is that you’ll be able to get a case for it! Imagine, a smartphone. With a case. A protected smartphone. An encased smartphone of mystery. Isn’t it... exciting.

What, you want details? It’s said to be made of a semi-transparent mesh that allows touch control with the case closed, so it’ll let you answer calls and dismiss annoying alarms without flicking the cover open. It also has a cut-out window, which will allow the Always On section of the screen to shine through. Oh and it’s shiny, with a “glossy metallic finish” according to LG.


Other than that, it’s a case.


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So with this “always on” screen, can we assume the screen tech will be AMOLED this time? Not sure if LG used AMOLEDs before,this would be my first LG coming from along line of Samsungs.