LG KG800

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Look lady, it's 7PM and I haven't eaten all day so I know how you feel, but that phone isn't edible. But it does look sweet and creamy, what with its black glossy finish, 128 MB of storage, slide-out keypad, 172x226 screen, MP3/AAC/WMA support and 2 megapixel camera.

I'm not sure about that last part, since my Chinese is rusty and both Babelfish and Google translate aren't working for this page. Oh god, the shame. All those wasted years as a child spent learning Chinese only to have it fail me now when it's most needed, translating copy for an Asia-only phone. I'll do better!


Update: Reader Joe informs us this is available in the UK, so it's not Asia-only.
Black & Sweet! LG KG800 [phonedaily (Chinese)]