LG Making iPhone Competitor, Android Phone and Prada III

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It would be amazing if LG could make an iPhone competitor, an Android device and a Prada III that's one single device, but somehow I don't think that's what LG's president means.


In an interview for a Korean news agency, Ahn Seung-kwon says (besides the details above) that LG will make another luxury phone (unrelated to the Prada) that will be similar to Nokia's crazy overpriced Vertu. He also said that they aim to be the number two cellphone maker in the world by 2012. The current #2? Samsung. So it's like Predator vs. Aliens, except instead of Predator and Aliens, you have a bunch of Koreans. [Unwired View via Boy Genius]

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Broken Machine

After 2 craptastic LG phones and a terrible experience with LG TVs, I would have to say I call BS on their ability to make a competitor to the iPhone.

EVERY stinking piece of LG electronics I put my hand on had some problem, usually shutting down by itself, with REALLY bad timing. #2?!?! Hopefully the smart consumers of the world would not let this happen. I have yet to see anything made by LG that is not shit - and I would welcome the change.