LG Prada Hands-On: So Stylishly iPhone-like, Only Pretty People Can Hold It

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Click to view That's right. There was only one LG Prada phone to be had at the LG booth at 3GSM and the only person lucky enough to cop a feel was the LG Prada model, who insisted press only take pictures of her with the phone. Nevertheless, I did get some hands-on time with the phone and though I normally hate fashion phones, I thought this one is pretty cool.

The interface is really easy to use—it's quick and responsive, but the screen picks up smudges way too fast. In fact, the model kept swiping it down every minute or so. The phone's also pretty lightweight, though not in a cheap way. One thing that struck me was that unlike the iPhone, the LG Prada lacks a bit of color. The reason? Well, according to LG, they deliberately made color minimal cause the monochrome interface complements the "Prada experience."

So what's the conclusion? This is definitely a worthy competitor to the iPhone that we should keep our eye on.


LG Prada [Gizmodo]

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For whoever thinks the woman isn't pretty, may anal retentives die alone :-p

As for the head of mobile handset R&D at LG, he can shove his claptrap up his ass. I won't go on to say that this phone is a ripoff of any phone, particularly the iPhone, but his statement is pretty damn stupid. If Jobs said this we'd all call for his crucifixion.

I agree with battwade