Illustration for article titled LG Shows Off Ultra-Thin Double Sided LCDs

Sometimes it's painfully obvious that there is no rule in the world of electronics that someone has to need (or even have a single conceivable use for) a new product before it's designed. That might help explain what you're seeing above: a double-sided LCD panel by LG, first heard about a few months back. This is not two screens strapped together, and it's not even two separate display signals being shown back to back — this incredibly thin screen displays the same image in two directions, all the time. The concept is fundamentally interesting, but with one side of the panel always displaying a mirror of the other, I'm really having trouble imagining how to use it. Advertising? Two-sided home theaters? The least private laptop ever? You've got plenty of time to think about it, as LG is giving no indication of when — of even if — this tech will make it to market. [TechOn]


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