LG Shows Rolex Cellphone Concept

Attention Rolex shoppers: LG was demonstrating its concept mobile phones to a few select journalists in Asia, and according to Tech Digest, one of the handsets was

"basically a phone with a Rolex watch face embedded in the casing. Rolex buffs would certainly approve—the phone had a luxurious leathery exterior, and looked reassuringly expensive."


Add that to the Prada phone also from LG, gold-plated iPhone, solid gold iPods, and all the Swarovski crystals we've seen over the past couple of years, and it's all way more than any one rich bitch can handle.

But still, we're big Rolex fans, and can't wait to see this one. We're just hoping it won't cost $20,000 like that Rolex day-date with the president bracelet we've been eyeing.

Too bad those journos didn't snap a pic or two of the LG Rolex concept phone, which LG wasn't saying would actually be produced or not. LG reps weren't even saying whether Rolex cooperated with them or not when designing the thing. [Tech Digest]


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