LHC Shut Down Because of Electrical Fault

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Barely a week after it was powered up for the first time, the Large Hadron Collider was shut down temporarily when an electrical fault struck a cooling system for the high-powered magnets responsible for steering beams of particles through the tunnel. It should really come as no surprise that problems would pop up from time to time given the immense complexity of the LHC—a sentiment echoed by an LHC spokesman when she said that stoppages would be" normal" given the fact that the system is still in its commissioning phase.[Physorg]

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why do people always knock our space program, lets see ANY other country put up more then 3 people into space at a time. Sheesh, we are co-owners of a freakn space station, we own a fleet of (yes old but useful) Space Shuttles that have been used more then once, ummm we have lord knows how many things on or near other planets, a giant telescope pointed out into the universe, and another one on the way.. HEEELLLLOOOOO we aren't doing too bad.