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Depending on your location, you may have heard that the European Union is banning all frosted incandescent bulbs in order to stimulate the adoption of efficient lighting. This bulb condom helps get around the rule.


Like most areas, the vast majority of bulbs sold are frosted because of the unsightly glare coming from an exposed filament. By banning these bulbs, the EU can effectively force people to adopt more energy efficient bulbs like CFLs. This thin, heat-resistant silicone cover can be placed over a transparent bulb to transform it from clear to frosted.

I am all about adopting more energy efficient lighting, but a rule like this is probably a bit premature. CFLs often take a while to warm up, they can be a bit bulky and the light quality can sometimes be unappealing. These problems will be ironed out over time, but people shouldn't have to put condoms over bulbs while they wait for CFLs and LEDs to better meet their needs. [Ingo Mauer via Designboom]


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