Lightning Review: Logitech Comfort Lapdesk

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The Gadget: Logitech's Comfort Lapdesk—a stylish, cushioned platform that keeps you from burning away your fertility while using a laptop on the couch.

The Price: $40

The Verdict: I can't believe it's taken this long for me to use a lapdesk of any sort, though Logitech's offering seems pretty great in its own right. I write from the couch every day for hours on end. It's bad for my spine, and setting a laptop directly on my lap leads to crotch sweat (sorry, tmi I know) and more typos as the keyboard is always shifting.


The Comfort Lapdesk's mesh padding is soft and grippy on both skin and pants, plus it breathes very well, allowing a few inches of clearance for your laptop to dissipate heat. This design sets your laptop at a slight angle that's absolutely perfect for typing.


If I had one complaint—which I do—it's that the surface is made of a very slick plastic. I'm guessing that as the rubber pads on my laptop wear down, my computer will slip right off (and indeed, over the last week of use my laptop has slipped a few times before it was situated properly). Why not offer a surface with more friction?


Regardless, I'm still quite happy with the Comfort Lapdesk. The surface fits a 15-inch laptop well (we photographed it with a 13-inch here, which works too) but it's probably not the perfect fit for a 17-inch system.

For me, Logitech's Lapdesk is easily worth the $40. But really, if you use a laptop on the couch with any level of frequency, it's worth consideration.