Lightning Review: Metal Gear Solid 4 Bluetooth Headset

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The Gadget: The official Metal Gear Solid 4 Bluetooth Headset, which takes its design cues from stuff Snake actually wears in the game, like his Solid Eye and that body suit made for sneaking. The Price: $59

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The Verdict: Passable only for gigantic MGS4 fans. Here's what we found. First, it's very uncomfortable to wear for more than 15 minutes at a time due to the shape of the ear-piece. It loops behind your ear and basically pinches itself in place. The back of the plastic part jabs into our ear painfully if worn too long. Not good. When paired with the PS3, we got significant feedback and static when we were sitting on our couch, which didn't get better as we moved closer to the PS3. The guys on the other side claimed that the headset generated a noticeable amount of echo. The incoming sound quality wasn't that great on our side either. In comparison, the Callpod Dragon Bluetooth headset we synced with the PS3 sounded fine, with no echo and very little static. It was slightly better if you turned down the volume via the earpiece, but still nothing we'd call "great" or even "good." On a side note, it's not that great for cellphones, seeing as it gets very staticy if you move beyond a few feet away from your phone (we tested it with the iPhone). So there's no redeeming it there either. Still, if you're a huge fan of Snake and can make do with the uncomfortable form factor and lousy sound quality, here's a headset that kinda makes you look like Snake, provided you grow a moustache and/or a mullet. [Newegg]


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Cool, still rocking my $20 Jabra BT 125 (I think that's what it is) I found on the net. It's simple, cheap, and pairs with my ps3 no problemo (hence it was given away with Warhawk). I feel most BT headsets are sold by former Monster Cable wholesalers. Even at big box retailers, I've yet to see many BT's for less than $35