A couple months ago, a company asked if I was interested in reviewing their razor/personal massager combo. I said sure, never expecting them to send one all the way over to China. Well, they did.

And so now, since it's my last day, I'm lightning reviewing the Tinge Razor.

The Pitch: It looks like and actually works as a razor (it even comes with cartridges), but when you put the cap on and press some set of buttons, it turns into a personal massager with 32 different speed and mode combinations.


The Price: $99 gets you the Tinge Razor, its charging base, universal power adapter, two shaving razor cartridges and a bottle of gel.

The Verdict: For some odd reason (hint, visa regulations of a certain country I reside in), I find myself traveling a lot, and lemmee tell ya - does it get stressful! So having a personal massager around that, incidentally, also functions as a shaver was actually more useful than I first thought.

The actual massage was pleasant, if not as strong as it could have been – though that could have been due to me not charging it long enough. I especially liked "mode four" of the five different modes you could choose from: it starts from a low roll and escalates in power.

Not having to worry about what the voltage of whatever country I'm in is was a big plus. The fact that I could pull it out anytime and get a massage discreetly was an even bigger plus. Though I'm not sure exactly what I need to be discreet about. Can't a girl loosen up some muscles without being judged? Geez.


What? It's for use on my... what?

Okay... if you say so. But I don't know, she didn't seem to enjoy it that much. [My Tinge]


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