Lightning Round: Kontrolfreek's Speedfreek Xbox 360 Controller Attachment

Illustration for article titled Lightning Round: Kontrolfreeks Speedfreek Xbox 360 Controller Attachment

The gadget: Speedfreek, an add-on from Kontrolfreek for the Xbox 360's left analog stick to make racing games easier to play by making the cars more precise to control.


The verdict: Pretty comfortable for racing games, because it allows you to use just the sides of your thumb to gently nudge the car left or right.

The catch:

It's not great for anything but racing games, because the plastic attachment on the bottom makes pressing down hard on the stick slightly more uncomfortable. Kontrolfreek is working on an adapter for other genres.


The performance: Good. I don't know if it made me any better at PGR, but it did make turns more comfortable since the grooved sides fit my thumb quite nicely.

The price: Pack of 2 for $9.95, or pack of 4 for $17.50.

The recommendation: If you're a racing fan who doesn't want to pony up for a racing wheel, this is a very cheap alternative.


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Looks like a great controller for the mouth, especially during a Brazilian thunderstorm. -=ducks=-