Lightsaber MP3 Player: The Opposite of a Chick Magnet

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How many times a day do you say to yourself, you know, if only some company would combine an MP3 player and a lightsaber my life would be so much better? Hopefully the answer to that is "zero times," but if not there's hope yet. This lightsaber comes with 8GB of flash memory in addition to Bluetooth, used to transfer music to and from your computer. And you thought those multi-colored iPod Shuffles were cool? Who knows how many friends you'll make, to say nothing of the number of young ladies who'll no doubt flock to your side once they see your lightsaber?


Update: Looks like it was just a photoshop by ubergizmo that got picked up without proper credit by lgadgets.


Updated Version of the MP3 Lightsaber for Star Wars Fans [L Gadgets]

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This really is a public service. Decades ago you could spot a dork thanks to tape on the glasses, but these days even the geekiest of geeks have discovered contact lenses. Thanks for the MP3 lightsaber, we can all quickly and easily identify the people to stay as far away from as humanly possible.

Where do I order this again?