Linux Based Palm OS Pushed Out to End of Year '08

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Yesterday during Palm's Q1-08 Conference call, CEO Ed Colligan dropped some tidbits about their release schedule for the Linux-based Palm OS

"[The Palm Centro] team is now totally focused on delivering our next generation platform, which we expect to have available by the end of the next calendar year."


By the end of 2008? Are you serious? This OS needs to be out right now, not a year from now. Hopefully with the addition of the Centro & Foleo team they will be able to get it out the door a little faster. [Palm Info Center]

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i hear you might be able to use the new Palm OS with this new networking technology i heard about recently.

basically... imagine your normal ethernet network you use to get online. NOW imagine that same "wired" ethernet network... without the wires!

i saw a demo of it recently and apparently it works over the "2.4GHz band" and comes in speeds ranging from 11Mb/s all the way up to 248Mb/s.

no one knows for certain if they will ever be able to make a chipset with this non-wired networking small enough to fit in a PDA or Smartphone... but it sounds like Palm is working hard to try to be the very first to use this new paradigm-shifting way to get online and change the way we look at networking forever. especially in portable devices.

of course this is all rumor. who knows if Palm will actually ever end up using such a mindblowing and wholly futuristic technology.