Linux-based UMPC Will Come with GPS and HSDPA

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Internet devices are popping up all over the place nowadays, and the latest comes from the folks at EB. It reminds us of the Amtek a little bit...and the OQO2 a lot...but this one will pack Mobile WiMax, HSDPA and built-in GPS. On top of that it'll have a decent-sized 4.8-inch screen. It'll run Intel's new Menlow platform, which promises better battery life than current UMPCs. No word on availability, but this one's got us foaming at the mouth.


Product Page [via UMPC Portal]

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800.00 is the lowest end for the UMPC. They all claimed to shoot for around a grand but most are 50% off that mark (or more). Lots of nice mini/mobile PC teasers this week. I'm starting to get desensitized. I'll check back later for Weatherman's comments.