Linux Netbooks Are Returned 4X More Than Win XP Versions, Says MSI

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Netbooks were supposed to be this great inroad for Linux development, but it turns out that the XP side of the netbook business is doing a lot better in the area of customer satisfaction: MSI today told Laptop that, according to internal studies, "The return rate is at least four times higher for Linux netbooks than Windows XP netbooks." Lest you think I've somehow chopped this figure and embedded it out of context, here's what MSI's US sales director Andy Tung told our friend Joanna at Laptop when she asked about high return rates:

We have done a lot of studies on the return rates and haven't really talked about it much until now. Our internal research has shown that the return of netbooks is higher than regular notebooks, but the main cause of that is Linux. People would love to pay $299 or $399 but they don't know what they get until they open the box. They start playing around with Linux and start realizing that it's not what they are used to. They don't want to spend time to learn it so they bring it back to the store. The return rate is at least four times higher for Linux netbooks than Windows XP netbooks.


Check out Laptop for more of the interview. [Laptop]


Creole Trash Panda

This is total cosmic karmic goodness at its best. Here I am with a minute windfall for working during Hurricane Ike, and I have been eying netbooks for months now, waiting with bated breath to pounce on one. I have compared every one that's not Unicorn Like (Lenovo, Dell, MSI, ECS...I'm looking at you, you trifling bitches)

It came down to the Eee 901 and the Acer Aspire One.... I was gonna give Linux a go , but this pretty much seals it for me, and here's why:

1. Too many damn Linux Distros (Flavors)

why must I have to figure what what distro I have in order to get what I want. Fedora, Ubuntu, Xandros, Linpus, Lindows, Octopussy, Red Hat Condom, Suse Homemaker, and they are not all integrated SEAMLESSLY. I know with Mac (gasp!) or Windows, it may be a different face but its the same guts on the inside and I can pretty much port from one iteration to the next. Linux has more damn distros than MGS has Snake Characters.

2. Support is Sketchy at best due to above.

3. Terminal... not all of us want to learn code in order to compute, upgrade or add software, as computer literate as I am, that is a huge turnoff... give me some WYSIWYG and wizard clones and a NICE README file and we are good.

4. Lack of OS continutity and unity.

If we can get it down to one or 2 main distros with "lite" versions of each for netbooks then I may be a convert. But with so much disunity amoung Linux, how can I choose when I have no idea which flavor truly tastes the best...especially when everyone can argue for their specific flavor.

Help a techno-Monk out and tell me I'm wrong