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Linux Owns 1/3 of the Netbook Marketshare

Illustration for article titled Linux Owns 1/3 of the Netbook Marketshare

Lots of people use Linux. That's known. But usually those people are computer science majors flipping major corporations the bird (before they sell out to said corporations after graduation), not consumers buying systems with Linux preloaded.


According to a new report by Jeff Orr, an analyst at ABI, Linux preinstalls represent 32% of the 35 million netbooks shipping this year (a number consistent with Dell's own reports). And it makes sense. Pretty much any variation of Linux is lighter weight than Windows (even the improved performance of 7 over Vista is paid for in battery life). And in the lowest end of the hardware market, I'd bet consumers are a lot more cognizant of the impact an OS has on the final price of a computer. [Computer World via Slashdot and Awesome Image]

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The key word is "shipping." It's a good assumption that a different OS will be installed on a good percentage of these by the end user.

No offense to Linux or Linux users, just seems to be a poor statistic to consider for actual Linux use.