Lion Steals and Chomps on GoPro While Filming

Illustration for article titled Lion Steals and Chomps on GoPro While Filming

Having your face eaten by a lion probably looks a bit like this. Some wildlife photographers thought they'd lost their GoPro camera while tracking some lions—instead, those lions had made off with the camera, licking and chewing it.


And it survived! Quite a product. It's unclear whether the lion's parental instincts kicked in, and it was trying to carry off what it thought was a small electronic child—or whether it was trying to feast on a chunk of false meat. Either way, it got tired of carrying a camera around in its mouth and dropped it off in the bush. Cue Lion King theme song. [via Telegraph]



I don't think it was maternal instincts. It probably saw the camera wasn't moving and thought it was a carcass. It tried to NOM, but then realized, "This is some tough-ass meat" and left it alone.

Please, please, please, don't go all XKCD on my "tough-ass meat" comment :P .

-IMP ;) :)