LionKing 800 Cellphone Has One Year Standby Time, Manufacturer Says (Verdict: Manufacturer May Smoke Too Much Skunk)

The lion engraving on the back of this Chinese all-in-one cellphone/PDA is presumably what gives it its strange name. The strangeness doesn't end there though: it takes dual SIM cards ... and has a standby time of 365 days? Yes, this is what the manufacturer says. One year chaps.


A typo error, perhaps. But it does claim to have a "16800 mAh super-long standby" lithium battery, giving a three to five day talk time. It also packs in Bluetooth 2.0, e-book reading, MP3 and MP4 playing, four speakers, PDA functions and a 3.5-inch 240 x 320 pixel screen into one package. It even has dual 0.3 megapixel cameras and a transflash slot for memory expansion, including a 256MB one for free in the package. Though it looks fairly small, its going to feel pretty large in your pocket: it's 0.79 inches deep.

Its apparently available for $145. Sounds unlikely? Most probably. What do you think? [Solomobi]


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