Illustration for article titled Liquid Image Camera-Mask Lets You Shoot Video, Take Pics Underwater

Although only waterproof to 15 feet, and therefore not exactly serious underwater snapper gear, this Liquid Image digital camera-mask is not a bad idea for kids or snorkelers as it lets you take hands-free images of the Big Blue. Full details will be released at CES next month, but we've got a bit more info after the jump.

Available in 3.1-Megapixel and 5-Megapixel models, you shoot your subject by lining it up in the crosshairs on the mask. LED lights on the glass indicate whether you're in video or stills mode. A USB port allows you to download from its 16MB internal memory, and there's an SD card slot allowing you to bump that up so you can shoot your swimming-pool version of Jaws. Price of the Liquid Image Camera-Mask hasn't been finalized yet, but we think that the smaller version will cost $99. [Liquid Image via Krunker]


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