Listen to 150,000 Different Animal Sounds in This Humongous Online Library

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This is more or less like the grown-up, nerded-out scientist version of those spinny roulette toys you had as a kid that taught you that The Cow Goes Moo. Except the Cornell Lab of Ornithology's Macaulay Library tells you that the katydid goes, uhhh, "dial-up modem noise"?

More or less. The Macaulay Library just went live with 150,000 sounds (7,500 hours-worth) from 9,000 different animals—totally centered around birds, as you'd expect from an Ornithology department. The library also contains almost 50,000 videos—and you can contribute your own field recordings too. It's a perfectly geeky way to waste an hour or 7,000 today. [Cornell via PopSci]


Image Credit: Dan Kitwood / Getty Images News