Many people, when they heard that the MacBook Pro won't come with a PCMCIA slot, cried "What about my EVDO?" A Verizon representative at Macworld says EVDO cards for the MacBook's ExpressCard slot should hit the market by the time the MacBook does.

Verizon's man advised checking EVDOinfo's MacBook Pro page, which will be updated as news comes in. The EVDOinfo forum reports a USB 2.0 dongle sold by Elan Digital Systems. EVDOinfo's ExpressCard page will list ExpressCard format EVDO cards as they're released.

Then again, "heimerwisen" says on the EVDOinfo forum:

Maybe the new ExpressCard port ties into that new MNVO HSDPA wireless service Apple will soon be rolling out to allow Mac users to connect to all the .Mac services (and the Internet) from any point in the USA. Or maybe not.


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